Minister's Letter December 2015

Dear Friend in Unity,

In reflecting on all that has transpired within the spiritual community of Unity of East Louisville, my heart is gladdened when I consider how giving our spiritual community has been and

continues to be.  We have a fund for the Homeless and Hungry and our congregants give to it lovingly and willingly each month.  We have managed to keep young families housed in a  facility versus their car, provided them with  Kroger cards for food and gas, helped them to keep their lights and heat in operation, provided them with special shoes required so they  could meet a job requirement.  In addition, we have helped those within our own church walls in much the same way.  We have had those who have lost their jobs and nearly lost their homes because they could not pay their mortgage, those who have been ill and unable to work and in need of help to pay for groceries and gas.  Our community has contributed to Louisville Coalition for the Homeless, Salvation Army, Heifer International, Eastern Area Community Ministries (to which we tithe monthly and this month purchased over $5,000  worth of toys for the EACM Christmas Store!!), Wayside Christian Mission, and SPAVA (Society for the Prevention of Aggression & Violence in Adolescents.  Additionally, we give regularly to Silent Unity (our 24-7 Prayer Organization) and Unity Institute & Seminary.

I believe you can see from this list that we are a very loving, giving and compassionate community.  We are accomplishing charitable deeds that we could not carry out of ourselves alone!  We are a part of something so much bigger!  

So this last month of the year, I am heartened at how meaningful our ministry truly is.  Add to the mix the wonderful Sunday Celebration Services we enjoy – plenty of hugs and spiritual support to go around!  Plenty of nonjudgment and acceptance to go around!  I invite you to come and be a part of “the little church that could” as we go forward into 2016 and do as Jesus Christ predicted, “..even greater things.” 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Rev. Carole Mahaffey