Minister's Letter March 2016

Dear Friend in Unity,

As I write this, Spring is less than two weeks away!  Everyone always talks about the last snow and whether or not it will occur!  Only Mother Nature knows!  In Kentucky, it is not uncommon for it to snow in March!

What does this tell us?  Life is unpredictable!  What is the saying, “God laughs while we’re out making our plans” or something similar.  When I think back on my own life, some of the unpredictable things that have occurred have been truly significant!  For instance, neither of my children were “planned” and yet they have brought me the greatest joy!  I did not think that I would ever be accepted into nursing school, as at the time I was 35 and had not been in college for many years.  I thought that I would never pass the nursing entrance exam.  Therefore I had not applied.  I was at a party one evening and met one of the deans of the college in Paducah, KY.  We were chatting and somehow the subject came up of how I had always wished I could have gone to nursing school.  He looked at me and smiled.  A week later I received a phone call and this dean indicated to me a wanna-be student had dropped out of the application process and there was an opening.  All I had to do was write an essay of why I wanted to become a nurse and also be interviewed by the Director of the Nursing School.  You know the rest of the story as they say!  I became a Registered Nurse soon after!

Life is unpredictable!  And yet, if not, where would the surprise element in life be?  If we always planned everything out, and everything always went according to our schedule, there would be no surprises.  So at some point, we must give it over to Spirit, and trust that whatever happens, planned and unplanned, is all part of the Grand Scheme, the Divine Plan of it all.  Yes, it’s fine to set goals, to plan our futures, but we must also be open to what it is we don’t know or foresee.  We must trust as the Tao says that everything is working together for our good!

I believe in Divine Serendipity.  According to my belief, it was no accident that I became pregnant with my two daughters, even though some might call their pregnancies accidents.  It was all part of the greater plan to bring Love into my life in a way I had never experienced and at a depth I had never risen to before!  My daughter, my son-in-law and my grandchildren have expanded both my giving and receiving of Love at a very deep level.

It was no accident that I was afforded a unique opportunity to apply to nursing school too.  That was yet another step in my soul’s purpose to enter the healing arts, to bring Love and Compassion to the world in a greater way than I ever had before.

And now, I continue to be the opening for God’s Love to move through and as me as Minister at Unity of East Louisville.  Each day I marvel at the miracles God brings about all around.  Ministry has brought yet another more expansive expression of Love into my life and I am grateful at the deepening of that Love. I am sending each of you a heartfelt message of Love.  And, I am inviting you to come and join us each Sunday at 11 a.m. as that Love shines brightly and strongly in each member our spiritual community! Come shine with us!


In loving service,

Rev. Carole Mahaffey