Minister's Letter May 2016

Dear Friend in Unity,

What a lovely Spring this has been.  Yes, a bit wet, but it’s been worth all the rain for the results we see all around us.  Our church campus is stunning this year as the crepe myrtles, iris, dogwood, daffodils, surprise lilies, and pansies have been so colorful.  Some even fragrant!  Can’t wait for the black-eyed susans in the raingarden to flower too!  We are so appreciative of the beauty of our sacred grounds. 

Dolly Parton said, “If you wanna have rainbows, you gotta put up with the rain!”  Such wisdom!  Yes, I want rainbows and I know you do too.  So metaphorically, when it rains in our lives, we know there is beauty within that experience.  At times, however, it’s difficult to see it or even believe it.   Many decades ago, Wayne Dyer offered big wisdom too, saying, “You gotta believe it to see it!”  Is it raining in some area of your life?  Is it hard for you to believe that something good is coming your way?  Well, if you answered yes to one or the other of these questions, you are certainly not alone.  And here is something to help you along the way!

One of my favorite pastimes is flower gardening.  I love planting the seeds, watering, waiting for the shoots to peek through, and nurturing the plants to full flower!  So rewarding.  Life is like that. We plant the seeds of positive thoughts, we feed the plants through the practice of the Unity Principles, we surrender to the rainy days of challenges, knowing it’s all part of the Divine Plan, and ultimately, we celebrate what it is we’ve planted as it blesses us with full blooms! 

I urge you to keep up the planting of good, continue the nurturing of your dreams and visions, surrender to the winds and storms which bring the rain into your life, and above all, believe, believe, believe!  Believe as does the little songbird, who sits on the branch in darkness, singing its heart out, knowing without a doubt that the sun will come up!  No matter how dark it may be in your life, know that you will stand in God’s Light, always, always…..

In loving service,

Rev. Carole Mahaffey