October 2017 Minister's Letter

Dear Friend in Unity,

I just realized it was June when I last wrote a letter for the website!  Wow, time has really flown by.  I celebrated 20 years in ministry this past June by going back to Unity Village, my roots, where I attended ministerial school and was licensed and ordained as a Unity Minister.  It was quite the nostalgic trip!  One of my purposes in visiting Unity headquarters was to receive guidance regarding my future work as a Unity Minister.

When I returned home, it wasn’t long before the guidance came in and it was clear.  It is now time for me to step aside and welcome the next Minister and Spiritual Leader to our beloved spiritual community.  I have taken the church as far as was mine to do, and now it’s time for another to bring in their passion and creativity to take our church to its next level!

It has been a bittersweet decision for me as on the one hand, it’s difficult to leave, but on the other I am looking forward to a new direction in ministry for myself as well.  The guidance to begin a new healing ministry, Spirit Rising, has been strong and good, and we have already begun to host a Healing Service each 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.  The Holy Spirit has been active in this healing ministry and we have realized wonderful and miraculous things!

I hold the image of a pasture which has been plowed, the rows dug and the seeds planted.  There are now young, tender plants in each row.  I am standing in the knowing that whatever Minister follows me, they will tenderly care and nurture these sacred rows at UEL.  I know that the church will continue in its crucial work of creating meaningful ministry.

I plan to be with you until June of 2018, at which time we will all begin on a new path.  I trust Spirit every step along the way.  Please join me in praying and holding the Vision for our next right and perfect Minister to answer God’s call.  You will hear more news in the near future regarding those candidates who are interested in coming to our church and applying for the position of Senior Minister.  Stay tuned!  I expect good things to happen, and invite you to do the same!

In loving service,
Rev. Carole Mahaffey
Founding Minister